Environmentally Friendly Statement

Being located in Ontario's cottage country, Sand Treasures was started with the idea to produce a fun, educational product
and be as environmentally friendly as possible.

   For any product or business to be considered environmentally friendly, by definition, it should have "little or no harm on the environment". There are currently no clear guidelines to determine the degree of environmentally friendliness, so it's up to us as consumers to make that evaluation. In comparison to many toys and gifts on the market today, Sand Treasures is a very environmentally friendly business, producing environmentally friendly toys and souvenirs for all to enjoy.   

   Our main products are made of simple sand with gypsum as the bonding agent. Gypsum is used because it is non-toxic, water soluble, and naturally occurring in the environment. Although our products require a lot of "hands on" attention in their manufacture, they require very little electricity or water to make. 

   The items we choose to place in our treasures are as natural as possible, minimally manufactured, or in the case of coins,
re-introduced. It means less energy is used to produce the items, so more environmentally friendly.

   Packaging is another issue which is very important. We do offer alternatives to allow people to choose for themselves, but we prefer and encourage retailers and consumers to choose our minimally packaged items.

   Thank you and have a fun-filled, environmentally friendly, day.