Sand Treasures is a small home-based business located just north of the small town of Minden, Ontario, Canada. It was established in 1999 and exists simply to manufacture and sell quality products which hopefully give joy and a sense of discovery to those who use them.

Our main products are best described as sand excavation/exploration activity toys. They are made from a formulated mixture of regular sand and gypsum plaster. (Gypsum plaster is used as the bonding agent because it is water-soluble, non-toxic and naturally occurring in the environment.). Through the use of customized moulds and techniques, the mixture is formed into varying shapes to produce each of our unique products. All moulds and products are hand-made in our workshop.

Each product has a different variety of "treasures" to be found. For example, buried within each of the Sand Treasures are at least five treasures, consisting of real gemstones, seashells and old Canadian coins. Many of the gemstones such as amethyst, rock crystal and sodalite can be found in Canada. Other minerals, such as tigereye quartz and lapis lazuli, come from exotic locations from around the world. The seashells, including turritellas, scallops and cockles, come from a variety of non-endangered species originating in the Pacific and Indian oceans. The coins consist mostly of Canadian one cent "pennies" and five cent "nickels" from 1920 -1952 (George V to George VI).

Placed in water, the Sand Treasures soften and allows the sand to be scraped away using a wooden stick supplied. Kids and adults alike find our products to be an intriguing activity and it takes about an hour to recover all the buried treasure.

Sand Treasures product line has grown over the years and now includes 10 unique products. We participate mainly in wholesale trade shows such as the Toronto Toy and Hobby show and the CGTA gift show, in which we are part of "Artisan Way". We sell mainly to museums, science centres, national parks, provincial parks, and toy stores.

Thank you for your interest in Sand Treasures.

Bruce White
Sand Treasures