Fire Balls


Fire Balls feature a real meteor impact tektite along
with other assorted gemstones. 

Tektites are believed to form
from molten rocks propelled into space
by a meteor impact and then re-enter the
earthís atmosphere at high velocity creating a
natural black glass with unique characteristics.
Although most likely occurring from impacts with the
earth, some respected scholars argue they are from a lunar meteorite impact so violent it splashed ejecta all the way to the earth! These may be moon rocks! Despite hundreds of known meteorite craters on earth, only about five events are currently known that produced tektites. Scientists still donít know what special circumstances must occur to produce tektite strewn fields. The tektitesí shape is dictated by their motion and interaction with the earthís atmosphere. In composition, they are very similar to volcanic glass, but differ in their extremely low content of easily vapourized compounds. They also contain voids of rarified air, meaning they could only be formed high in the atmosphere.
Found as a result of mining for other minerals, this
specimen is from the biggest and most mysterious
tektite event of all, the Australasian impact of about
780,000 years ago, which occurred somewhere in
South East Asia. This could well have been the
largest natural disaster since humans
began their walk on earth!


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