Fossil Find


Fossil Find features at least five real fossils from different time periods. Add water to soften and then carefully remove the sand to discover each fossil.

The fossils include; crinoids, petrified wood, ammonites and polished coral and turritella agate.

A geologic time scale is also included to determine the age of each fossil.

Agatized Coral is found along the Pacific Rim, commonly referred as the
"Ring of Fire" for its high incidence of volcanic activity. Extensive volcanic eruptions repeatedly buried offshore reefs with ash and debris. After burial, the decay of the ash released silica and other minerals which in turn reacted with the carbonate of the coral preserving the structure as a fossil.


Turritella Agate occurs in the Green River Formation in southwestern Wyoming, northeastern Utah, and northwestern Colorado. These small snails lived in ancient fresh water lakes that geologists call Lake Gosiute and Lake Uinta. Over time, the shells were replaced by fine grained quartz creating this unique fossil.


Petrified Wood originates from ancient trees buried by volcanic ash or other sediments. The lack of oxygen initially preserves the wood. Over time, all the organic material is replaced with other minerals (most often a silicate, such as quartz), but still retains the original structure of the wood.


Crinoids are marine animals and were much more numerous both in species and numbers in the past but still survive today. They lived in both shallow water and to depths as great as 6,000 meters. Some thick limestone beds are entirely made up of crinoid fragments.


Ammonites are the fossilized shells of an extinct group of marine sea creatures. They are more closely related to today's octopus, squid, an cuttlefish than shelled creatures like snails. Sometimes under the right conditions the fossilized shells can take on an iridescence and are prized as gemstones.

The ammonites found in Fossil Finds originate in the Sahara desert and are from the Jurassic Period, approximately 150-200 million years old.


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