Sand Treasures



Sand Treasures are made with  glacial sand and feature an maple leaf or anchor on the ends.

When softened with water, the Sand Treasures can be carefully worked away to reveal at least five treasures; including real gemstones, seashells and coins.

Most of the gemstones and minerals such as amethyst and sodalite can be found in Canada. Other minerals come from exotic locations from around the world. The seashells come from a variety of non-endangered species originating in the Pacific Ocean.

Sand Treasures (Canadian edition), which features a maple leaf on each end, contain an old Canadian coin, consisting mainly of one-cent "pennies" and five-cent "nickels" from 1920-1952.

Sand Treasures (World Edition), which features an anchor on each end, contain a world coin, ranging from modern day denominations to older coins no longer in circulation.


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